Menopause? Try Stretching and Meditation

Menopause? Try Stretching and Meditation
Menopause Try Stretching and Meditation
Menopause Try Stretching and Meditation

Menopause is one of the most critical moments of a woman’s life. Hot flashes, anxiety, stress and insomnia burst like a thunderclap in the delicate feminine balance. The recommendations, in these cases, are very many, however not all have always been useful.

To reduce the symptoms of menopause, try to practice meditation and stretching techniques. That is the advice from an expert on menopause at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia. The two techniques, in fact, may be helpful for the serenity and the health of a woman in menopause and post-menopause.

There are many women who do not want to take hormones and other drugs.

Unfortunately, women who experience hot flashes often also suffer from stress disorders such as anxiety, depression, nervousness and insomnia. Here, researchers in Philadelphia, wanted to explore the possibility of improving the health status of women at 360 ° then, not only could reduce symptoms such as hot flashes, but trying to improve their quality of life through awareness.

To understand, they asked 110 volunteers to collaborate in the study period of two months. All women accused at least 8 episodes of hot flashes every day and were divided into two groups. The first group took lessons in awareness 2 and half hours a week learning meditation and stretching. On days when they did not have class, they could still continue their lessons via a CD at their disposal.

The other group, however, have not taken part in any consciousness class, as the control group.

Before the start of the study, as mentioned, most of women had an average of eight hot flashes during the day and three night sweats with frequent sleep interruption. Scores on anxiety were very high and well above the “normal”.

After researching the volunteers claimed to feel calmer, less anxious, slept better, and hot flashes were reduced dramatically. In the control group, instead, though some improvement was noted, it was not comparable to those who practicing the awareness techniques.

However it had one expert who expostulates about a time to attend courses in meditation techniques. The disadvantage of this type of program is that this method requires a time investment that for many women is not possible. However, the awareness program may still be applicable for many women. Maybe not for two months, but a month of little sacrifice might be possible.

“We want to see if a shorter program would have the same effects,”
Dr. Carmody said. – (Reuters Health, Genevra Pittman, March 2011)

Of course, not everyone can find time for meditation, and a hormone-based pill is easier to take. However, we must also admit that the meditation techniques certainly help the woman in many more aspects and that the drugs are not tolerated by all and, finally, are almost never free of side effects, whether visible or not.

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