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Is The Perfect Body Ruling Your Life?    Absolute health

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Is The Perfect Body Ruling Your Life?

By Health Coach ⋅ September 7, 2012 ⋅ Post a comment

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Lately it seems like there’s a solution for every problem; whether it’s a potion, pill or surgery, doctors, dentists and cosmetics surgeons can do anything nowadays. Everyone is convinced that the perfect body will bring them happiness; is this really the case?

A new procedure, discovered in Thailand, is the latest craze in the land of beauty. Whether it’s likely to hit your latest beauty clinic however, is another matter. This new technique is being labelled breast and body slapping. It is said to give the effects of breast implants, without the surgery. The art has been mastered by only one person in the world – a lady from Thailand – who has said she would be willing to teach the skill for a price. Could this really be the next big thing?

Everyone tries to live healthily – this at least gives them a chance of getting the body they’ve always dreamed of – but does it really happen? Does everyone really eat the recommended five pieces of fruit or vegetable a day? Does everyone exercise regularly? Do people really give up smoking and stick to the recommended amounts of alcohol to make the most of their health? It’s doubtful, but if people do manage all of that, it doesn’t finish there. After taking care of their body they have to take care of their skin. Admittedly many people do moisturise but then there are the people that take it a step further. Some people feel that expensive treatments to improve blood flow and toxins also help to give their skin a silky smooth feel. The increased blood flow is supposed to eradicate cellulite altogether.

There seems to be no end in the search for the secret to the perfect body and style; it has now been reported that women spend up to £500 just preparing for a holiday. This preparation is said to involve waxing, manicures, pedicures, tanning (for the pre beach glow), haircuts and styling, just to scratch the surface. It’s not just as easy as booking a last minute holiday, packing the same day and leaving the next anymore. You now have to book a holiday at least three months in advance so that you can fit in all of the beauty procedures before you leave. The obsession with the perfect body makes life hard.

It has been estimated that around eight million people in the UK suffer from hair loss; this can cause a vast decline in a person’s self-confidence. Hair loss can be cured however, you just need to find the right method. Your local beauty salon should also offer these treatments. The treatments include scalp massages and Indian head massages; these types of treatment are used to help breakdown the dead skin on your scalp which then encourages hair growth. If you’re looking for a quick fix, or just waiting for your treatments to work, then wigs are great and look just as realistic.

Article written by Andrew  McMahon for  – a leading salon in hair loss and hair extension treatments.

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