Financial Freedom Society Inc. (FFSI), America's First and Only Financial Health Club, Announces Reduction in Monthly Society dues Without Reduci - Articles & News About Health

Financial Freedom Society Inc. (FFSI), America's First and Only Financial Health Club, Announces Reduction in Monthly Society dues Without Reduci - Articles & News About Health

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Financial Freedom Society Inc. (FFSI), America''s First and Only Financial Health Club, Announces Reduction in Monthly Society dues Without Reduci

Goldsboro, NC (PRWeb) December 6, 2006 -- Financial Freedom Society Inc (FFSI), America''s first and only financial health club, announces reduction in monthly society dues without reducing benefits. Society monthly dues were lowered to $19.95, down $10 from the previous amount of $29.95. The announcement also included the elimination of the $59.95 cost for "The Art of Achieving Financial Freedom", FFSI founder Kelly Reese''s 14-lesson e-Course on time and money management. Members will now have unlimited access to the e-Course as long as they remain members.

Independent membership consultant, Dean Bernel, had this to say about the recent announcement, "This is just incredible news. To lower the cost of membership to about 65 cents a day makes membership affordable to everyone. With all the valuable benefits and discounts still intact, membership is truly `better than free''". Mr. Bernel had this to add, "The timing of this is great for folks that want to make better financial health part of their new year''s resolution. FFSI is committed to helping members achieve that goal".

"Art of Achieving Financial Freedom" e-Course

Live Financial Seminars via web conference

Lifestyle Enrichment Services -- save up to 50% on

Medical Supply Store (up to 50% off)

Unlimited Free Consultations for New Legal Matters

Capped Fees and Capped Hourly Rates for Members

Online Resource to Help Protect Member''s Identity

Free online Income Tax Planning Advise

Free Access to Certified Credit Counselors

Free and Unlimited Access to Certified Financial Counselors

To learn more about society membership or to join the society, visit Independent Membership Consultants Dean and Deane Bernel''s site at

Founded in 1997 by Kelly Reese, Chartered Financial Consultant

Long time member of both BBB and US Chamber of Commerce

Recommended by 90 charities and non-profit organization

First and only full-service financial health club in America

This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.

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