Disease Information and Health Tips

Disease Information and Health Tips
Fosamax Side effects
The Side Effects of Taking Ace Inhibitors for High Blood Pressure
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Adderall Side Effects and Your Child

Inositol is a member of the vitamin B complex family, being referred to as vitamin B8, but is not strictly a vitamin because it is biosynthesized in your body. Vitamins are essential substances that are not manufactured by your natural biochemistry, and must be taken in your diet. However, to all intents and purposes it works like a member of thevitamin B family.

The main function of myo-inositol (the commonest isomer of inositol) is in the health of cell membranes, particularly those that comprise the marrow, eyes, intestines and the brain. Without proper regulation of the cell membrane, the cell cannot function effectively. Some of its effects include healthy hair and controlling estrogen levels. It is also believed to help to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Read more…

Lyrica is a prescription medication that is used to relieve nerve pain that occurs with shingles or diabetes. It is a proven method of pain management due to nerve pain and is shown to be an effective therapy for those with postherpetic neuralgia or PHN.

There are several things you should consider prior to asking your doctor to prescribe Lyrica for your nerve pain. First, you should discuss certain aspects of your personal life with your doctor that includes for women, whether you are pregnant, wish to become pregnant or are breast-feeding a child. Read more…

Omeprazole medication is a drug used to treat ulcers (including stomach ulcers) and symptoms of GERD. Omeprazole medication is the generic name for the brand Prilosec and Prilosec OTC. Omeprazole medication is in the proton pump inhibitor class of drugs which blocks production of stomach acid to reduce symptoms of acid reflux.

Omeprazole medication is doctor prescribed and picked up by you at your pharmacy. Multum is the company that generates the medication guide for doctors and health care facilities that provide omeprazole medication. Unfortunately treatment even with the correct dose of this medicine can result in a wide range of side effects that range from the mildly unpleasant to the embarrassing and down right deadly. Read more…

Side effects of some drugs that are Lowering Blood Pressure
B0006875 Microparticle drug delivery

Drug Side Effects. Lowering blood pressure is a condition that is below the normal expected for an individual in a given environment. Blood pressure differs deeply with activity, age, medications, and underlying medical conditions

Some of the Drugs have some side effects that can cause lower blood pressure include blood pressure drugs, diuretics (water pills), heart medications (especially calcium antagonists-nifedipine/Procardia, beta blockers-propranolol/Inderal and others), depression medications (such as amitriptylene/Elavil), and alcohol. Read more…

Effects of Pcp Drug Abuse

Effects of Pcp Drug Abuse. Phencyclidine (phenylcyclohexylpiperidine) commonly initialized as PCP is a disseminative drug, which means that by consuming this drug mind feels separated from the body. PCP was illegally manufactured in labs and sold out in form of tablets from 1950s. According to survey conducted by National Drug Control, more than 187 million children age 12 and older have abused PCP at least once in their past life. PCP abuse causes many negative psychological effects and due to these effects, it was never approved for human use.

Effects of PCP drug abuse
Due to the overdose of PCP, the drug abusers have unpleasant psychological effects. Their behavior will be unpredictable and often violent behavior is associated. Read more…

risperdal faq

Alternative to Depakote that doesn’t craft you gain cargo?
It is not the Depakote but the risperdal that is causing the substance gain. Hi, I take Lithium 800mg a day and am quite happy next to it, it’s a mood stabiliser so my mood wont go too high or too low. Lithium is occcassionally known to cause substance gain but I have no experience…

Does risperdal breed you gain weightiness?
how many pounds will be added to your weight? I was on a low dose of Risperdal (.5 MG once a day) for probably 6 months to aid an antidepressant I was taking. Read more…

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