Day 2, 25/02/2016 The 100 Healthy Days

Day 2, 25/02/2016  The 100 Healthy Days

A university students journey to fitness.

February 26, 2016 Posted in The100HealthyDaysBlog, Uncategorized.

Today was another really good day for exercise and healthy eating. I got up in the morning and had quite a relaxed morning doing some work for my lectures and making sure I had all the relevant notes. I had two bowls of cereal for breakfast (I could eat a horse first thing in the morning) and a cup of coffee to get me up.

Both of my lectures were fascinating, but due to the nature of my degree programme they were both about very different topics. Im very lucky that I do both history and politics, so while one was about colonial south America and the fall of the Aztec Empire, the other was about modern terrorism. Fascinating stuff!

Getting back from these two lectures Im always so hungry, so while re-watching the first episode of House of Cards (only the best political drama on Netflix) I had a picnic lunch of (quorn) scotch eggs, carrots, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, humus, cheese and bread. Doesnt sound like much but it took me a good hour to eat my way through my table of food. I then for desert had apple slices with peanut butter on (try it before you judge it).

Because my flatmates came in while I was eating I had a good chat with all of them and it turned out I was in there for about 2 hours eating on and off, which meant that by about 16:30 I was stuffed. So I put on my gym kit and made my way to a Pump and Tone class at 17:30 followed by a yoga class at 18:30. Pump is definitely one of my favourite classes as I never feel confident enough to go into the weights area of the gym without my workout buddy. Im not a self conscious person usually, but the weights room is always so crowded with lads that I just feel out of place. I sometimes wish there was a womens gym at our university. I also wish we had a pool but hey ho.

Before and After a Pump ClassSo thats partly why I do pump, but the other part is that its so motivational and fun to be working in a big group with everyone and the leader of the class is always so energised and sounds as if she truly believes in you when shes teaching the class. I honestly work 10x harder in a class than when I have to work out on my own. Yoga was just what I needed after, and Im proud to say my flexibility is increasing tenfold. I can do moves now that I couldnt have dreamed of doing back in January. My balance is also improving and my state of mind is always good when I come out of a class.

Dinner was a pre-made potato and cauliflower curry with some white rice (bit of a treat after a weight session, fast carbs arent usually my thing). A carrot for a snack and then straight to bed. Although I didnt sleep very well as I have an absolutely awful cold at the moment that just refuses to go away.

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