3 Simple Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone—The Real Hard Truth

3 Simple Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone—The Real Hard Truth
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With all the hype and publicity about low-t, everyone is asking how to naturally increase their testosterone. It was all about testosterone replacement therapy until studies showed that that was not so good. However there are supplements that can help. But face it a supplement by itself is not going to do it alone. Whatever supplement store or advertisement tells you that- is wrong and you should stay clear of them. Below is 3 simple rules to help increase your testosterone levels and not waste your time.

#1. Start with a good diet – stick to the basics.

Low amounts of sugar and high amounts of protein. This doesn’t mean you need a UFC fighters training diet, just watch the soda. Also eat the right fats!! Avoid the heavy trans fats and get the good ones like tuna and salmon, or go fishing and catch your own fish. Get some exercise and increase the vitamin D (more on that later). Watch the alcohol also, moderate consumption has been shown to be beneficial for testosterone levels, but binge drinking can bring testosterone levels down.

#2. Exercise-

Yes, I said it, and everyone else says it too. Get up of the couch and lift those weights. Even if you don’t want to go to the gym, just get more physical. There are too many studies to list about physical exercise and increasing testosterone levels. As mentioned above get out and fish to catch those good fats for your diet. Get some sun on your skin, proper Vitamin D levels are also linked to increasing testosterone levels.

It is unfortunate that society has changed so much over the years, but with men doing less physical labor there has been a decline in the overall testosterone levels of men in the past 30 plus years. Physical laborers have been shown to have higher average testosterone levels than men who have non-physical careers.

#3. Take the right supplements

There are so many supplements on the market today and it will make your head spin to try to tell which ones really work. Some are bogus and some are the real deal. But you have to use them as a combination of the above and you WILL see results!! Maca root, Tongkat Ali, DHEA are a few that have had some serious scientific studies that have shown actual measured results. One week of using these products is not going to make any difference. Just make them part of your daily routine in the morning with your breakfast or dinner. Also you should add a simple multivitamin to your daily routine since most of our foods are so processed and nutrient deficient that we just can’t get everything we need from food alone.

That’s it – three simple ways- that work. Not a list of ten or twenty, just diet, exercise, and supplementation.

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