slippery elm, soothing the stomach and bowels linings

slippery elm, soothing the stomach and bowels linings

a soothing herb suited to easing sensitive and inflamed mucous membrane

linings of the stomach and bowels. Slippery Elm contains high amounts

of mucilage that can coat the intestinal mucosal surfaces and may assist

in detoxifying the system. It can help relieve intestinal irritation

and inflammation. It is suitable for use in conditions involving diarrhoea

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Elm is also suited to soothing irritations of the kidney, the lungs

and the urinary tract. Slippery Elm powder is recommended to soothe

sore throats, as well as for lung problems. The Active Botanicals range

provides 200 gm of pure, high quality Slippery Elm powder with no additives

Slippery Elm Powder (Ulmus rubra) .....................................200gms

one 5ml spoonful, up to three times a day (before food) mixed with

wheat, salt, corn, milk, yeast, glutens, artificial colouring, flavouring

Active Botanicals Slippery Elm Powder is suited to people of All ages

as it is gentle and easily assimilated. It is recommended for All complaints

involving mucosal surface irritations. It is, thus, recommended for

soothing coughs and lung irritations, inflammation of the urinary and

digestive tracts. Because it can help to normalise bowel actions, Slippery

Elm is suited to conditions involving either diarrhoea or constipation.

Not to be used during pregnancy unless under the supervision of a qualified

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