Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes
We use a brush for air duct cleaning rather than just
air whips or air balls, unlike some other duct cleaners.
It is like going to the car wash and just using water,
you do get the dirt off but when you use the brush you
get a lot better job.
What are the Important Air Duct Cleaning Services.?
Air Duct Cleaning Services include:
Coil Cleaning
Blower Cleaning
Vent Washing

Although These services are an important part of having your air duct''s cleaned, they are not
necessary for every job. For example if you have a new home you may not need to have your
vent''s washed as this would not be necassary. Also if you have a new furnace the coils and
blower may not need to be cleaned as well, but you still want to have them inspected before
having your air duct''s cleaned just to be sure, every home is different. Living in a Home that is
more than 20 years old and you are unsure if the air duct''s have never been cleaned you may want
to include as many air duct cleaning services as possible.

How often should you clean your Air Ducts?
On Average the typical Homeowner should have the air duct''s in their home cleaned at least every
3 - 5 years or on an as needed basis. For example, allergy sufferers typically have the duct''s
cleaned annually to help eliminate pollin growth in the homes air duct''s. Also, frequent cleaning''s
help reduce the number of dust mites in your home''s air ducts and bedding.

Here are some factors involved that would indicate more frequent cleanings such as:

Having the air duct''s cleaned when you move into a new or used home.
After Home remodling and or renovation.
Pet''s that have frequent shedding.
Smoking Odors, or Moving into a previously occupied residence with smokers.
Severe Allergy symptons, typically between March - August.
Spring Time Cleaning kicks up the dust and is perhaps the most busiest time of year for allergy

6 Benefits to Air Duct Cleaning

Less Dusting.
Breathe Fresher Indoor Air.
Fewer Allergy Symptoms.
Reduced Sinus Symptoms.
Can Improve the Air Flow in Your Homes Air Duct''s.
Saves you money on Electric / Utility Bills.

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