For Roger

For Roger

This is a tribute to one of my mentors, Roger DeWinton, who passed away at the age of 90 on 11 December 2001.

Roger de Winton passed away yesterday afternoon.

I am sad, because I miss him and because he is gone.

But all the love he brought into the world through his remarkable life remains. All the love he received from the hundreds and thousands he touched remains. His example to me, and so many others, of how to live, love and serve remains. Roger''s inspiration for living a life of devotion and service to our King remains. His spirit remains, undiminished, in our hearts, our minds and our world. The countless miracles he was responsible for remain-for some in memory, for others in their bodies, for others in the fact that they are still alive here on earth.

I am unspeakably thankful for the knowing him, being touched by him, and for the times I spent with him, seeing him in his constant flow of service, receiving all who would call him from all around the world with equal welcome.

For me, the best way I can thank him is to live as he lived-
a life of radiant and selfless service,
with consistent openness upward,
loving what he loved,
serving the One he served,
maintaining thankfulness in all things,
offering a steady generation of Spirit, ever welcoming all that comes,
ever available to bless all those that come,
to have confidence and assurance in God''s Spirit to handle whatever is here to be handled,
to be absolute in my commitment to mastery and integrity,
to love the Word he loved so deeply and be cleansed by its truth,
to prove out that a life of deep service to God is a life of power and brilliance.

Some of Roger''s last words were, "I want to go up." Roger was always going up. He was up. He stayed up, and by his presence called me to join him there. One of his oft-repeated Bible passages was "As I be lifted up, I draw (the substance of) all unto me." Roger exemplified what it meant to be lifted up, and what it meant to receive the responsive substance of people on behalf of the Lord, in praise and thanksgiving to Him. Roger was truly a priest of the Most High God, the One who he loved above all and to Whom he devoted his life. He never received thanks to himself. His words and attitude were "Praise the Lord"-allowing the creative cycle to complete, allowing the response to God''s Spirit pouring out from him to be returned and lifted up to that One.

Thank you, God, for the great gift of this magnificent angel who represented You here so well for so many years. And thank you, dear Roger, for being the beacon of Light, the strong and humble presence of God, one who truly let his light so shine before all, that we might see your good works, and glorify our Father which is in Heaven, and Who you are with now.

Michael Gaeta

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