Plantar Wart Removal Cider Vinegar

Plantar Wart Removal Cider Vinegar

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Natural home remedies for the treatment and removal of unsightly warts.
Contributor: Nora Carver
Published: Jun 02, 2014.

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Questions and Answers

Best treatment for plantar wart?

I got a "plantar wart" on the bottom of my big toe and did research on the best way to get rid of it and people said it''ll just go away so I waited hoping that it would go away, but it never did. I don''t have health insurance so I''m hoping someone has a simple home remedy or method they used to get rid of one. I never messed with it either like when I first noticed it I immediately wanted to dig at it with a knife but I thought maybe that isn''t a good idea so i waited it out and it got bigger in size and its starting to become uncomfortable so if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance as well.


Heya.. I''m currently treating a plantar wart I have myself for a few weeks now; thought of sharing some helpful info i learned in this annoying venture to get rid of it >.< lol

I''ve tried a few things, actually, and though I''m still in the middle of treatment, so far Salicylic Acid has been working best. A few over-the-counter wart treatment brands have that as the main ingredient. It''s the same thing used for corns & callouses. I''ve managed to get them smaller now, so I switched to using those pads with a stronger concentration that you just stick on top of it when you get it flat enough.

Lots of people use ACV (apple cider vinegar), which I''ve successfully used a long time ago on a same sized wart but on a softer side of skin. It got rid of it completely in less than 2 days, but it''s not effective for plantar warts since the skin there is too thick/coarse and it''s deeper. I tried that for over a month and it''s just not enough. I just tried using S.Acid couple weeks ago, and I wish I used that from day 1.

I dunno if you''ve tried anything on it since you asked this 3 days ago, have you? S.Acid turns the wart into a callous-like skin. It burns a bit when you apply it, but the sensation goes away fast and is nothing really (unlike ACV which can throb and keep you up all night sometimes). The important thing is keeping at it, being consistent. You might be tempted to cut off the top part of the skin after it dies soon enough (been doing that every 2-3 days with a nail nipper, or you can even pull & peel it off after a few days, unlike this one guy who posted a vid on youtube about his plantar ward removal who had his girl use a blade on it). This''ll allow the solution to absorb more directly onto the living part of the wart or its roots, instead of just being blocked by dead skin. Be careful though cuz you might cut too deep (which I have the tendency of always doing cuz I''m impatient), and if it exposes raw skin, you''ll tend to give it a break to heal and the wart heals back to how it was.

Ether way, it''ll take time. The guy I mentioned got rid of his thingy in well over a month. I think mine is in its final trimming stages till it''s gone. Keep applying the solution till the whole thing seems to have surfaced out after trimming it. Even if you think it''s all out, it''s best to keep at it for a while just to make sure.

Wart removal??

Hey i have a HUGE plantar wart on my foot and before i go to the dermatologist, i want to try getting rid of it myself. Do you have any creams you''d recommend? I already have the freeze spray but i''m scared to use it so is there anything strong enough to get rid of plantar warts besides the freezing? Thanks!
Could you please request some brand names for getting rid of warts? I dont care what it is as long as it''s not freezing or burning off!
Also, i heard u could you duct tape. But would that work for a plantar wart? And how do u keep it on therE?


Here is a simple procedure (home remedy) that many people have used to remove warts (including Plantar warts) in one week:

Each night before going to bed soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, apply it to the wart and then hold it in place with a band-aid. Leave it on all night, or if you like, 24 hours a day but change the soaked cotton and band-aid each evening for a week.

The wart will swell and throb a little as it reacts with the vinegar and then start to turn black (usually with a white ring around it) within the first two days and after a week or two will fall off by itself.

Check the reference below for many recent testimonials.


Yes, I would think they are the same as both are made from apples. Vinegar is vinegar regardless as to whether it has cider put before or after the word.

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