My by has a small penis please answer?

My by has a small penis please answer?

My by has a small penis please answer?

QuestionMy bf has a small penis. When hard its about 2 inches not lying. When he jacks off he only uses his thumb and index finger because hes so small. He cant even pop my cherry. Hes that small. And plus hes uncircumsized so it looks worst it doesnt change how I feel but idk how to.tell him. Hes never given me an orgasm ever! And its frustrating.  

And hes bad in bed..... So bad should I leave him? He can''t even hold a convo should I break up with him ? asks get a new bf to sleep with that''s good in bed ? 

And he always asks to do weird things! Like lick my *** hole ect. And he.never wants to ware a condom he always trys to make me ware a female condom. And when we had sex the first time he was so rough he would pound into me and when I say slow down he would just be like its better this way. I''m tried of this small penised bf help ? I would actually like to lose my virginity ! Ps hes 20 !!!!!! No one had a penis that small right ?. I need my cherry popped !!!!!Best AnswerWell if you like him for him then stay with him don''t vreak up with him just because his penis is small just think about how he would feel if u did that!Other AnswerSounds like you don''t have a lot in common and he is not a very considerate lover if he wants to do things to you that you are not thrilled with. Just tell him you two are not compatble and you don''t have to mention that he is short in that department.Well don''t give up him already give it some time and try talking To him about it it is a bit weird that he''s that small but maybe u can work something out and if not find a new guy that would probably be the best but if you lovehim a lot love him for Who he is Not his penis labia are longer than his penis...get someone else. It must be really awkward for you. I would find anything less than 6-7 inches embarrassing.Where there is a will there is a way.find a new penisTagsanswer please penis small

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