Green Tea Health Benefits

Green Tea Health Benefits

Are other types of tea worse than green tea? Teas like black and oolong teas? Green tea has always been the most connected with health and use for health. Most likely, this is because it is in a natural state, at least more so than other teas. Today, natural things are considered healthier, so green tea is assumed to be better. According to research however, this is not the case. Black and oolong teas have health benefits nearly exactly the same as green tea have. Black tea does, though, have a higher caffeine content than green tea, which is a consideration.

Purportedly, there are also many green tea health benefits. Cancer prevention, relaxation, and lowered cholesterol are among these. This is probably because of its high levels polyphenols, EGCG, and other antioxidants. Green tea has been cultivated for around 5,000 years, developing in China and India. For a long time it was regarded very favorably with effects such as Improve Immune System Function , easing the effects of alcohol, working as a good stimulant, and many other things.

Can green tea help with weight loss? A relevant question. It increases one’s metabolism slightly, and this can help to burn calories faster. But realistically, the only way to burn fat is healthy food and exercise. Green tea can undoubtedly help the process of weight loss, but there is not magic bullet for obesity.

Tea is grown in around 30 countries, but is consumed globally. Some countries use much, others little, but the average quantity of tea used per person each year is .12 liters–a consumption level displaced only by water. Green tea unlike other teas, is not oxidized. This keeps many of the natural polyphenols that oxidized teas (like black and oolong teas) don’t keep. Green tea also contains high concentrations of EGCG, which is the strongest antioxidant currently known.

What’s better, bagged tea or loose tea? There are many varieties of tea, loose and bagged. There are also many different variations of flavors. There’s blueberry green tea, mandarin green tea, lemon green tea, and many many other types of bagged tea. Loose tea tends to be more high quality. Bagged tea is generally the dust and scraps left over from making quality tea. So is there a difference in the benefits? Not really. You will, of course, get much better taste from higher quality tea, but if you’re just aiming for health benefits, then bagged is probably better, becasue it is both more accessible and cheaper.

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