Australian Study Reveals Aspirin Could Prevent Cancer Spread

Australian Study Reveals Aspirin Could Prevent Cancer Spread
Australian Study Reveals Aspirin Could Prevent Cancer Spread

Through advanced medical technology, the search for cure to several known diseases has achieved vast improvements over the years. Among these diseases, medical experts are continuously exploring the possibilities of what could really stop cancer. Although there have been a lot of effective treatments introduced previously, there is one plain medication that could stop the spread of cancer – and that is the household drug called aspirin.

Last Tuesday, Australian researchers stated that aspirin and other household medicines may possibly restrain the spread of cancer for the reason that they help shut down the chemical “highways” which feed tumors. According to Yahoo! Health News, scientists from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre at Melbourne, Australia stressed out that they have completed a biological innovation that will help in explaining how lymphatic vessels (key to the spread of tumors all over the body) react to cancer.

“We’ve shown that molecules like the aspirin… could effectively work by reducing the dilation of these major vessels and thereby reducing the capacity of tumors to spread to distant sites,” researcher Steven Stacker said.

For so long, doctors assumed that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin may help restrain the spread of cancer, however, they have been unable to identify how this is completed correctly. According to the researchers, by examining cells in lymphatic vessels, they have discovered a particular gene that altered its expression in cancers which had spread, but not during the time the cancer didn’t spread.

The results reveal that the gene is a relation between a tumor’s development and the cellular pathway which can cause inflammation and dilation of vessels all over the body. The comprehensive report was published in Cancer Cell journal. The ability for them to work as “supply lines” to tumors once these lymphatic vessels widen and become more effective conduits for the cancer to spread is increased. However, aspirin operates to shut down the dilation of the vessels.

“So it seems like we have found a pivotal junction point in a biochemical sense between all these different contributors,” Stacker stressed out.

This breakthrough could eventually lead to ground-breaking and enhanced drugs which could help control numerous solid tumors which can tackle breast and prostate cancer as well. Plus, it can possibly offer an “early warning system” before a tumor starts to swell.

A study published in The Lancet medical journal in 2011 discovered that rates of cancer of the colon, prostate, lung, brain and throat were all reduced by aspirin use every day. Furthermore, a lot of doctors suggest the use of aspirin regularly to reduce the risk of heart attack and clot-related strokes to name a few. One disadvantage of having a lot of aspirin consumption daily is the risk of stomach problems.

Source: Yahoo! Health News

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