We’ve all been there. Saying or letting our minds think “I’m too tired.” or “It’s too cold.” or even “I’ll do it tomorrow.” But does this really help us feel any better? I bet your answer was no. If we really want to see a change in our bodies, we have to get past the mental block in our minds. Start setting your alarms earlier. Get that workout in first thing in the morning, before your mind can even make an excuse for you. Eat a little healthier. Your body won’t change unless you do. So Kick those excuses to the curb and get the body YOU want.

This week’s quote is all about pushing
through. No matter what kind of mood you are in, doing a workout can
instantly make you feel better. Working our releases endorphins that
lessen stress, and tension. Powering through an intense workout session,
or just doing a quick 15 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
workout, is all you need for a mood booster. Remember, it doesn’t
matter how long or how intense the workout is as long as you are moving
and working up a sweat! You will feel better in no time! So if you’re
starting to get a little testy, slip on those sneakers and go for a jog
outside! Trust me, your mood AND your body will thank you!


Whenever you feel like you want to get in shape or even tone up a little more, do you ever think, “I’ll start tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes? Then three months go by and you wish you would have started

when you said “tomorrow.” Don’t wait till Monday, or till when a new day rolls around, why not start NOW?

This week’s Fit Quote is all about believing in yourself! Believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. Remind yourself of what it is you want to accomplish most, and set small goals for yourself. Once you take action, an

d commit yourself to getting in shape, you won’t believe the results you will see down the road, all because you didn’t wait till “tomorrow” and after those three months will go by, you will look back and think I’m glad I started today instead of waiting till “tomorrow”; only then you will be saying “I did it. I am amazing.”

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