MSM For Horses, Dogs, Cats, And More!

MSM For Horses, Dogs, Cats, And More!

Article by Nance Leighton

Keeping those animals in our lives healthy means that critter will be in our life for longer living a high quality of life. In addition, a healthier animal will not cost as much because of veterinarian costs. All forms of four legged critters would benefit from the MSM supplementation many humans are now experiencing themselves. The great thing is that they get the same benefits as us with the same safe results.

Four legged critters suffer from the same arthritis and pans associated with aging. As animals age, they will get those aches and pains, and not all animals can be treated successfully. MSM supplements afford that four legged critter to get around like he or she did when he or she was just a wee little friend. These are animals that are our friends, family, and sometimes, our careers are closely tied to these same animals.

When it comes to animals, there are two major costs: food and veterinary. As the animal ages, the veterinarian costs rise as the need for more visits becomes necessary. Now, instead of just getting an annual checkup and vaccination, you may be faced with monthly visits due to tired and aching joints. MSM few to these ailing animals were reported healthier with less aches and pains. In fact, one horse after taking these supplements was able to continue a jumping career that won him many rewards and honors.

For horses, adding one tablespoon or 15 grams of crystal flakes to the diet twice a day is ideal. If your horse is exceptionally large or small, you can figure out the amount to feed by taking the animals weight and dividing it by 100. You will want to feed one gram per 100 pounds of weight twice a day. Add the flakes directly to the feed or core an apple or favorite treat, and add the flakes to the middle. This is a great snack and extremely healthy!

For dogs and cats, you will want to feed 500 mgs or 1/8 tablespoon per 25 pounds of body weight. Since this is tasteless and odorless, you will find adding it to moist food or water is a great way to get them the MSM supplement they need.

On another note, it is important to note this is one of the supplements safe for cats. Felines have a sensitive system when it comes to pain killers. Their bodies are not capable of processing most painkillers such as aspirin or NSAIDS. In fact, one pill can be fatal to your cat. Never give your cat pain killer without first speaking to a veterinarian or researching thoroughly first.

When it comes to feeding MSM supplements to your four legged critters, you will find they get the same superb benefits from stronger nails, shinier hair, and less arthritis pains. Even their allergies are made better by these types of supplements. Just insure you know the right dosage before you feed these to your pets. Of course, speak with your veterinarian about adding any type of supplement to your pets diet. Better safe than sorry!

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