How To Keep In Shape All Year Round

How To Keep In Shape All Year Round

The majority of people aren’t happy with the way their bodies look. We are only bothered with getting ourselves toned and shaped up for the summer and totally neglect our diets and excersize routines throughout the winter.

This is where a lot of us go wrong, we only realise that we’d like to be looking good and in shape for the summer, when it’s too late to really make a massive transformation. We want to look amazing around the pool or on the beach, like someone from Bay Watch in our bikinis, but we’ve all but weeks before summer is here! Realistically we need to keep ontop of our diets and excersize routines all year round, or at least stay in line with them – you can always lower your excersizing and diet expectations during the winter, but the main point is that your body stays used to complying with a set of rules.

Here are some pieces of advice and pointers to help you develop a general all year round routine; a sort of lighter routine that can be the basis of any of your other routines. Keep this easy, light schedule up all year round then you can simply go harder or softer on the dieting and excersizing at your will.

Before any sort of drastic lifestyle, dietry or excersize change, you should always consult your doctor or physician. Not because it’s likely to harm you in any way, but just simply to rule out any risks to your health as your doctor should be clued up to the condition of your body and what it can and can’t safely handle. Also your doctor is probably one of the best people to help you plan a dietry change.

Change your diet. I bet most of you eat 2 times maybe 3 times a day? And I bet that you’re usually really hungry before you go to eat and therefore end up eating lots. This isn’t good for your metabolism, or your body, you end up over compensating by eating far too much than you need, because your body is trying to stock up incase you have to go for long periods without food. Try grazing, a tactic used by animals such as cows etc, where they eat constantly, throughout the day in smaller portions. Think about it like only giving your car enough petrol to get to the destination you want to get to, that way you’re not pulling around any extra fuel that’s not needed, thus not using any excess energy.

Take it easy – don’t jump in feet first to a hectic routine, this will cause more damage than good to your body. The main cause of people starting off too crazy, is they want to see magic happen overnight. This isn’t going to happen, you’ll see big changes if you keep up a steady routine for about 2 to 3 months, consistently. A good idea to keep yourself interested and to actually view the extent to which your body has altered, is to take before and after photos. Sometimes it’s hard for yourself to notice the full difference that has been made to your body when it happens slowly and steadily, taking pictures is a good confidence boost and will help you stay working with your routine.

Make sure you cross train. You’re going to want to train as many muscle groups as you can, to give an even, all round toned look. A lot of people simply train one set of muscles, such as their arms, which is fine if you’re just going to wear a t-shirt all summer. But if you want to look good when you’re in swimwear or your bikini on the beach, then you’re going to want to make sure you’ve toned your arms, abs, back, stomach, legs and neck, to give a firm overall look.

Keep in mind that your diet is more important than your excersize regime. You can have the ultimate body, and if you’re filling it with the wrong sorts of foods, it’s not going to last! Diet is the basis of your excersize and dictates how successful your excersizing will be!

I know they aren’t the most in depth but they are the basic stepping stones to helping you acheive a healthy, toned body. Only you yourself can decide on the exactly excersize and dietry routines you need, according to your situations, goals and current body. The main point we’re trying to make is, don’t only get try to get in shape because summer is round the corner, make it a constant goal to stay in shape (or at least in decent shape) then you can personalise and sculpt your routines accordingly! You’ll be that bikini beach babe you’ve always wanted to be, hold your faith!

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